Multi Level Garden

Turning the slippery slopes into new hope

Published Friday, July 10th, 2020
Categories: Garden Design for Different Types of House

Multi Level Garden

If you have a more spacious garden it’s super important  to make the most of our design experience and flair. Through our consultation process we listen carefully to your exact requirements and make suggestions where necessary to allow you to make the ideas a reality. Making the most of the space you have with sensitivity to your home and the surrounding environment is at the core of what we do. Environmentally friendly schemes are important to us and we always encourage features such as rainwater harvesting systems and elements within the garden that attract and provide habitats for wildlife (such as log piles for insects or wild areas). We link different sections to create a natural flow, from patio areas for entertaining, open grass for important football matches, incredible planting areas or vegetable patches and most importantly of all, whatever it is you want from your garden, the biggest and best room in your house.

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